HC Deb 17 February 1948 vol 447 c975
24. Mr. Scollan

asked the Secretary of State for War what are the obligations of men discharged from the Services into Class "Z" Reserve; are these men debarred from emigrating; and have steps been taken to inform them of their position.

Mr. Shinwell

Men released from the Service to Class "Z" of the Reserve are liable to recall in an emergency. They are not barred from emigrating, but permission to do so has, in the first place, to be obtained from their record office. I know of no case of this permission being withheld. The whole position is explained to the men when they pass through their release centre on demobilisation.

Mr. Scollan

Is the Minister aware that a young man was quite recently charged with trying to leave the country without getting the necessary permission, and that he stated in open court that neither he nor any other soldier knew when they were being discharged that they had to get permission before they could emigrate?

Mr. Shinwell

He may not have known about it, but that is the law as it stands. All he requires to do is to make application, and then, no doubt, in normal circumstances the application will be granted.

Squadron-Leader Fleming

Would it not be advisable to state the position on the release papers?

Mr. Shinwell

That is a suggestion which is worthy of consideration.