HC Deb 04 February 1948 vol 446 cc1795-6
19. Mr. Geoffrey Cooper

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what scheme is in operation for the resettlement of ex-Service men in British Honduras; what are the numbers that have received vocational training; and what is the nature of this training.

Mr. Creech Jones

As the reply is of some length, and contains figures, I shall, with permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Cooper

Does the right hon. Gentleman know that in the town of Belize alone, it is reported that over 700 ex-Service men who are not in any rehabilitation scheme and devoid of vocational training are walking the streets, and could he take urgent steps to remedy this sorry state of affairs?

Mr. Creech Jones

The Governor is fully alive to the importance of the resettlement and training of these men. We are about to receive a report on the whole of this problem.

Following is the reply:

The following measures have been adopted to provide for the resettlement of ex-Service men in British Honduras:

  1. (a) plans for their absorption in agricultural development are now being worked out in consultation with representatives of the local ex-Service men's League, Forestry Unit and Trade Unions;
  2. (b) it is proposed to include any suitable ex-Service men in the plans for 1796 and settlement on a communal basis for which funds are now being sought under the Colonial Development and Welfare Act; and
  3. (c) they are given preference for any Government employment that may be available.
There are no facilities for vocational training in British Honduras. Twelve British Honduranian ex-Service men have been accepted for vocational training in the United Kingdom as follows: Radio mechanics, 5; Commercial courses, 3; Police Training, a; Agriculture, 1; Plumbing, 1. Of these seven have completed their training, four are still in training, and one has yet to be placed.

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