HC Deb 16 December 1948 vol 459 cc1379-80
54. Mr. Kenneth Lindsay

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how much capital expenditure on universities has so far been sanctioned during the last three years.

The Economic Secretary to the Treasury (Mr. Douglas Jay)

Figures of the total amount of capital expenditure initiated by Universities and University colleges are not readily available, but non-recurrent grants have been approved during the last three academic years as follow:

1945–46 1,792,253
1946–47 3,089,250
1947–48 4,682,061
During the present academic year non-recurrent grants amounting to £5,624,894 have been approved up to date. In addition, grants have been approved in principle in respect of a number of schemes, the exact cost of which cannot yet be stated, but which will amount to a considerable sum.

Mr. Lindsay

How much of that money has been spent?

Mr. Jay

I could not say without notice.

Mr. H. D. Hughes

Would my hon. Friend publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT a list of the major projects involved, giving the names of the Universities and the purposes of the projects?

Mr. Jay

I will certainly consider doing that.

Mr. Scollan

Would my hon. Friend say exactly what proportion of the sum granted last year was spent on new projects?

Mr. Jay

No. I could not give that information without notice. Perhaps my hon. Friend will put a Question down.

Mr. Rankin

Do those figures include amounts spent in Scottish universities?

Mr. Jay

I understand that they do.

Mr. Cobb

My hon. Friend will admit. will he not, that it is all very well making the money available, but what steps is he taking, in conjunction with the Ministry of Works and other Ministries, to see that materials are available to make it possible to spend the money?

Mr. Jay

We are taking a great many steps. The actual volume of capital work going on is greater than it has ever been before.