HC Deb 16 December 1948 vol 459 cc1389-91
Mr. Eden

Can the Leader of the House tell us the Business for the week when we resume in the New Year?

The Lord President of the Council (Mr. Herbert Morrison)

The Business for the first week after the Recess will be as follows:

Tuesday, 18th January—It is proposed to move a Motion relating to the arrangements for the consideration of Private Members' Bills;

Third Reading of the Cinematograph Film Production (Special Loans) Bill;

Committee and remaining stages of the Railway and Canal Commission (Abolition) Bill (Lords); and

Report and Third Reading of the Savings Banks Bill.

Wednesday, 19th January—Second Reading of the Agricultural Marketing Bill and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution; and

Consideration of the Motion to approve the Fish Sales (Charges) Order.

Thursday, 20th January—Second Reading of the Solicitors, Public Notaries, etc., Bill; and of the Minister of Food (Financial Powers) Bill; and

Consideration of the Motion to approve the Agreement between the Postmaster-General and the B.B.C. relating to Broadcasting in the Far East.

Friday, 21st January—Second Reading of the National Theatre Bill and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution.

The Motion relating to Private Members' time appeared on the Order Paper this morning and it will be considered on Tuesday, 18th January, as I have already announced. Without going into detail, perhaps it would be convenient. Mr. Speaker, for me to remind hon. Members that, assuming the Motion is agreed to, under arrangements to be made by you, Sir, the ballot list will be placed in the "No" Lobby on Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th and 26th January, from 2.30 p.m. till the rising of the House so that hon. Members can enter their names; the draw will take place in a Committee room upstairs on Thursday, 27th January, and Bills will be presented at 11 a.m. on Friday, 28th January and dates selected.

The first of the seven Fridays which it is proposed to set apart for the Second Readings of Private Members' Bills will be Friday, 11th February.

Mr. Snadden

In regard to the Agricultural Marketing Bill which is a United Kingdom Measure, will a Scottish Minister take part in that Debate?

Mr. Morrison

I am afraid that I cannot give a definite answer, but I will make inquiries.

Mr. Emrys Roberts

Will the House have another opportunity of debating the proposed Council for Wales having regard to the widespread criticism of the proposal by local authorities in Wales before the Council is set up?

Mr. Morrison

I hardly think that would be useful. I very much doubt if a further Debate, in which Welsh Members would obviously take the main part, would result in a unanimous expression of opinion on this subject. One must make a judgment in the light of the discussion proceeding in Wales.

Mr. Beswick

Early after the Recess, might we have a Debate on foreign affairs?

Mr. Morrison

I should not have thought so. We have only just had one.

Mr. Driberg

It was too short.

Mr. Morrison

I do not agree with my hon. Friend. I think that it was adequate for the occasion. I do not think that there is occasion for another one yet.

Mrs. Leah Manning

In view of the slighting references made during the recent foreign affairs Debate about the United Nations, will my right hon. Friend find an opportunity for us to discuss the United Nations at an early date?

Mr. Morrison

With great respect, I see no reason for it. We have just had a Debate on foreign affairs. We cannot be perpetually debating foreign affairs. There are many other subjects in which hon. Members are interested.

Mr. Beswick

Might I suggest to the Lord President that during the one and a half days at the end of last week we only had voiced opinions which we already knew, and that there are a good many people in this country represented on the back benches who would like to express their opinions?

Mr. Morrison

From my own point of view I have a great deal of sympathy with what the hon. Gentleman has said, but there it is. The Debate so went, and I cannot help it. I think it is a bit out of proportion when we have just had a Debate on foreign affairs for hon. Members to be seeking another one straight away.