HC Deb 28 April 1948 vol 450 cc474-5
Mr. Thornton-Kemsley

On a point of Order. I understand that you, Mr. Speaker, are not selecting the Amendment down in my name and that of my hon. Friends to amend Clause 34—in page 36, line 39, at the end, to insert: Provided that any person receiving a direction to provide fixed equipment may appeal to the Land Court who shall decide whether such direction is economically reasonable and where the Court decides that such a direction is not economically reasonable the Secretary of State shall revoke the direction. I presume it must be because an exactly similar Amendment was moved in the Committee stage. I was going to point out with respect that in the Debate on the Committee stage the Secretary of State twice promised that he would look at the Amendment if we would withdraw it to see whether he could meet the point we had made. I understand there is also a similar Amendment later to Clause 47—in page 64, line 47, at end, insert: Provided also where any person is required to incur expenditure on land which has only become agricultural land by virtue of designation under this Subsection that person may appeal to the Land Court within twenty-eight days on the ground that such expenditure will not yield an economic return and if the Land Court sustain the appeal the appellant shall not be required to incur that expenditure. That includes references to the Land Court and I wonder if it would be in order to deal with both these subjects on that future Amendment when we come to deal with it, although it does not deal with the subject in exactly the same way as would be possible on this Amendment.

Mr. Speaker

I generally do not give any reason why I do or do not select an Amendment. I am under no obligation to say why, but I would point out that this Amendment was negatived after a Division and, as the hon. Member has indicated, there is the other Amendment in page 64, line 47, which largely covers the same point. I have no doubt the matter can be dealt with then. If it comforts the hon. Member he can be assured that the Amendment to page 64, line 47, is going to be called.