HC Deb 15 April 1948 vol 449 c1234
Mr. Younger

I beg to move, in page 16, line 32 after "order," to insert "made."

There are here two groups of Amendments, starting with this one and including the next six. They are all consequential upon the Amendments which the House has just approved. They are all of a rather technical character and are necessitated because it is essential to bring the procedure of the Amendments which we have just made into line with the procedure laid down in the Acts mentioned in Clause 14 (1)—the Queen's Remembrancer Act, 1859. The law Terms Act, 1830, and the Levy of Fines Act, 1822. These are very technical matters and unless any hon. Member wishes to raise anything further, perhaps that will be sufficient explanation.

Amendment agreed to.

Further Amendments made: In page 16, line 32, leave out from "section," to "before," in line 33.

In line 37, leave out "and."

In line 47, at end, insert: (2) Where application is duly made for an order under the last foregoing section after the enrolment of the fine or recognizance as aforesaid, the clerk to whom the application is made shall give notice thereof to the officer responsible for the recovery of the fine or the amount due under the recognizance, and shall give the like notice of any decision thereon.

In page 17, line 1, leave out from "Where," to "allowing," and insert: an order under the last foregoing section.

In line 4, after "instalments," insert: is enrolled under Subsection (t) of this Section, or notice of the making of any such order is given to.

In line 5, after "recognizance," insert: in accordance with the provisions of the last foregoing Subsection, that officer."—[Mr. Younger.]