HC Deb 31 October 1947 vol 443 c1250

"to abolish penal servitude, hard labour, prison divisions and sentence of whipping; to amend the law relating to the probation of offenders, and otherwise to reform existing methods and provide new methods of dealing with offenders and persons liable to imprisonment; to amend the law relating to the proceedings of criminal courts, including the law relating to evidence before such courts; to regulate the management of prisons and other institutions and the treatment of offenders and other persons committed to custody; to re-enact certain enactments relating to the matters aforesaid; and for purposes connected therewith," presented by Mr. Ede, supported by Mr. Woodburn, the Attorney-General, Mr. Glenvil Hall and Mr. Younger. To be read a Second time upon Monday next, and to be printed [Bill No. 9].