HC Deb 29 October 1947 vol 443 cc863-5
43. Wing Commander Roland Robinson

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies if he can provide statistics as to the exports of tin from Malaya and Nigeria for each of the past six months together with figures showing the amount of dollars and other foreign currency earned by such exports; and whether any estimate can be made as to the probable increase in such shipments over the next 12 months provided that there is no undue delay in the supply from this country of machinery for the re-equipment of the tin mines in those colonies.

Mr. Rees-Williams

As the reply to this Question contains many figures, I will, with the hon. and gallant Member's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the reply:

The total exports of tin from Malaya during the six months April to September inclusive amounted to 16,532 long tons. Monthly figures for this period are not available. The following table shows the value of these exports in sterling or foreign currency whichever is applicable:

Destination Tons. Value.
United Kingdom 105 £45,147
Canada 1,380 $2,096,353
British India 1,915 Rs.9,717,000
Australia 110 £ A 58,183
New Zealand 250 £ NZ 124,927
Denmark 180 Kr.1,385,304
France 1,000 Frs. 204,108,000
Italy 485 £202,000 (Sterling equivalent)
Norway 60 Kr. 459,640
*Poland 205
Sweden 60 Kr. 344, 714
Switzerland 65 Frs. (S) 447,300
United States 9,450 $14,919,886
Czechoslovakia 30 Crs. 2,397,648
* Jugoslavia 50
* Austria 50
Finland 5 £2,147 (Sterling equivalent
Miscellaneous 32 £12,832 (Sterling equivalent
*U.N.R.R.A. shipments valued in sterling. Tin metal is not exported from Nigeria.

Exports of tin concentrates were as follows:

Month. Tons.
April 1,716
May 387
June 1,477
July 967
August 946
September 825

All these concentrates are smelted m the United Kingdom, along with concentrates of other origin; and although there is a small export of metallic tin from the United Kingdom it is not possible to say how much of those re-exports are of Nigerian origin and to distinguish what portion of the Nigerian concentrates is ultimately sold for foreign exchange. The estimated production of metallic tin in Malaya to the end of 1948 is as follows:

Last quarter of 1947 8,300
First half of 1948 20,000
Second half of 1948 24,000

These estimates assume that the necessary equipment will be forthcoming. No material change in the rate of production of tin concentrates in Nigeria is anticipated in the near future.