HC Deb 11 November 1947 vol 444 c199
49. Colonel J. R. H. Hutchison

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what arrangements he is making for facilitating exchange of tourists and visitors between France and this country, in such a way as to involve no demands upon foreign exchange.

Mr. Dalton

I cannot at present hold out any hope that arrangements of this sort can be made.

Colonel Hutchison

In view of the fact that the Question presupposes that no loss of foreign exchange will come about under the system, what can be the reason for refusing intercourse which can only be of benefit to the two nations, unless it is just a determination to restrict the freedom of the individual?

Mr. Dalton

I said that I could not hold out any hope at present, but equally if we can find suitable administrative safeguards for schemes such as the hon. and gallant Member has in mind, we would look upon them, certainly, sympathetically; but it is difficult to get administrative safeguards, as I think the hon. and gallant Member will appreciate.

Mr. C. S. Taylor

Are we short of francs in this country? What harm will it do us if people go abroad and spend some of the francs we have got?

Mr. Dalton

It is not quite as simple as that.

Mr. Taylor

What else are we to spend the francs on?

Air-Commodore Harvey

Is the right hon. Gentleman satisfied that countries like Switzerland will continue to buy from us as many goods as they did before this Regulation came into force?