HC Deb 13 May 1947 vol 437 cc1303-29

[2nd Allotted Day]

Considered in Committee [Progress, 12th May].

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

  1. NEW CLAUSE.—(Compensation for compulsory acquisition of land attracting converted value payments.) 1,666 words
  2. cc1307-10
  3. NEW CLAUSE.—(Compensation for compulsory purchase of requisitioned land.) 1,539 words
  4. cc1311-9
  5. NEW CLAUSE.—(Compensation for compulsory acquisition after passing of this Act and before the appointed day.) 3,584 words
  6. cc1319-21
  7. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power of Ministers to contribute towards compensation paid by local authorities.) 604 words
  8. cc1321-7
  9. NEW CLAUSE.—(Agreement under previous Acts.) 2,456 words
  10. cc1327-8
  11. THIRD SCHEDULE.—(Classes of development excepted from payment of development charge.) 323 words
  12. c1328
  13. FOURTH SCHEDULE.—(Provisions relating to compensation under Part III.) 172 words
  14. cc1328-9
  15. SEVENTH SCHEDULE.—(Enactments amended.) 394 words