HC Deb 14 March 1947 vol 434 cc1709-10

Resolution reported: That for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for giving effect to a Convention on International Civil Aviation signed at Chicago, it is expedient—

  1. (a) to authorise the payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of —
    1. (i) any sums payable by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom by way of contribution to the expenses of the International Civil Aviation Organisation under the said Convention;
    2. (ii) such expenses of any delegate, representative or nominee of His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom appointed for any purposes connected With the said Convention as may be approved by the Treasury;
    3. (iii) any expenses incurred by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom for the purposes of Chapter XV of the said Convention (which relates to the provision of airports and other air navigation facilities); and
    4. (iv) any other expenses incurred by a government department by reason of the said Act; and
  2. (b) to authorise the payment into the Exchequer of—
    1. (i) all sums received by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom by way of repayment of expenses incurred for the purposes of the said Chapter XV; and
    2. (ii) all sums received by way of fees paid under any Order in Council under the said Act other than fees which, under an order made under section two of the Air 1710 Navigation Act, 1936, are paid to any body to whom functions of the Minister of Civil Aviation are delegated by virtue of the order."
Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House doth agree with the Committee in the said Resolution."

11.6 a.m.

Mr. Charles Williams (Torquay)

I should like, if I may, to ask the Government two questions on this. I think we are entitled to have some idea of what sub-paragraph (a, i) means, and I should also like an explanation of paragraph (b), items (i) and (ii). I should like to know what the amounts are which will be required for the payments and expenses and how we are likely to get the money back under that paragraph. I imagine it will be from people travelling by those lines, but we are entitled to have answers to these two questions which would I am sure, satisfy many hon. Members.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Civil Aviation (Mr. Lindgren)

The Financial Resolution is required in order to meet the dues which may be required from this country by the international organisation for development of services in States who are unable to develop their own. The repayments to the Treasury are in regard to services which may be rendered by this country and for which we may obtain repayment, perhaps at a later date, from States which decide that they will stand their own expenses.

Mr. C. Williams

I did ask the amounts.

Mr. Lindgren

I am afraid I cannot give those figures now, but I will do so later on.

Question put, and agreed to.