HC Deb 12 March 1947 vol 434 cc1305-7
39 and 40. Mr. Skinnard

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies (1) whether he will give details of the amounts allocated, in the 10 year development plans already approved, to development and to welfare and of the main groups of items classed under each heading;

(2) which of the 10 year development plans submitted by Colonial Governments have now been finally approved.

Mr. Creech Jones

Subject, in most cases, to certain reservations, I have already approved the 10 year development programmes of the following territories: Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius, St. Helena and Cyprus.

If the improvement of education, medical and health, housing and ancillary services and miscellaneous social welfare schemes, are included under the heading of welfare, and other schemes are classified as development, though this classification is far from sound, the amount devoted in the above programmes to development is £58½ million, and, to welfare, £19½million. Since the details are rather long, I will, with my hon. Friend's permission, circulate them in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Skinnard

Is my right hon. Friend satisfied that, in general, the proportion devoted to development, as compared with welfare, is adequate in view of the necessity for Colonies to provide their own revenue as soon as possible, in order to solve their own social problems?

Mr. Creech Jones

This is a very difficult problem. In our development plans it is most important that the economic basis should be laid, so that the social services can be sustained later.

Mr. Dumpleton

Would not my right hon. Friend agree that owing to staff and material difficulties the description of this plan as a "10 year plan" is unrealistic? It will probably take 20 to 30 years to put into effect.

Mr. Creech Jones

The Act provides for a 10 year plan, and it is only on a 10 year basis that we can go ahead.

Dr. Segal

Can my right hon. Friend say what is holding up approval of development plans for Gambia and the Gold Coast?

Mr. Creech Jones

There is no hold up. These plans are dealt with quickly as soon as they come to hand.

The details are as follow:

Colony Development Welfare
£'000 £'000
Nigeria 26,858 26,469
Kenya 12,097 3,489
Zanzibar 310 1,150
Sierra Leone 2,406 2,850
Tanganyika 10,348 7,535
Cyprus 3,153 2,799
St. Helena 87 113
Seychelles 83 291
Mauritirus 3,060 4,638
Total £58,402,000 £49,334,000

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