HC Deb 05 June 1947 vol 438 c370
35. Mr. John Morrison

asked the Minister of Health if he will give a list of all the certificates required by Government Departments which a doctor may be called upon to sign on behalf of a patient.

Mr. Bevan

As the answer is rather detailed I will, with permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Morrison

Will the right hon. Gentleman do all he can to save doctors from these duties?

Mr. Bevan

I admit at once that members of the medical profession are called upon to provide a very large number of certificates and it adds very much to their work. I am very anxious to try to reduce it as much as possible.

Following is the answer: According to my present information, medical certificates may have to be produced by patients (or their personal representatives) to Government Departments under the following enactments or for the following purposes. This list is not necessarily exhaustive.
  1. 1. Under the Births and Deaths Registration Acts,. 1836–1926, e.g. to certify cause of death to the Registrar.
  2. 2. To assist in determining a claim to war pension or allowance.
  3. 3. Under the Lunacy and Mental Treatment Acts and the Mental Deficiency Acts.
  4. 4. In support of claims to benefit under the National Health Insurance Act, 1936, and the Contributory Pensions Acts, 1936–41.
  5. 5. In support of sick absence by a Government Department as employer.
  6. 6. Under the Blind Persons Acts, 1920 to 1938, to support an application for old age pension at 50.
  7. 7. Under the Essential Work Orders, Control of Employment (Directed Persons) Order, 1943, and Control of Engagement Orders in support of a claim to leave or change the employment.
  8. 8. Under the Road Haulage Wages Act, 1938, the Catering Wages Act, 1943, and the Wages Councils Act, 1945, in support of a permit to be employed at sub-standard wage-rates.
  9. 371
  10. 9. Under the Coal Distribution Order, 1943, and the Control of Fuel (Restriction of Heating) Order, 1947, to obtain additional supplies of fuel and exemption from heating restrictions.
  11. 10. Under the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act, 1944, for registration.
  12. 11. Under the Corsets (Manufacture and Supply) (No. 14) Directions, 1946, to assist in obtaining surgical corsets.
  13. 12. Under the Welfare Foods Order, 1946, to enable expectant mothers to obtain food benefit.
  14. 13. Under the Rationing Orders or otherwise to enable invalids to obtain special authority for supplementary rationed food and to assist invalids, expectant mothers and others to obtain special treatment with regard to goods which are the subject of Government control.
  15. 14. Under the Control of Motor Fuel Orders to assist claimants for additional petrol allowances on medical grounds.
  16. 15. Under the National Service Acts, 1939–1947, in support of a claim for exemption from, and to justify failure to comply with, provisions of the Acts.
  17. 16. Under the Cremation Act.
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