HC Deb 29 July 1947 vol 441 cc379-407

Considered in Committee.

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

Clauses 1 to 83 ordered to stand part of the Bill.

  1. CLAUSE 84.—(Town clerk.) 4,884 words
  2. cc391-2
  3. CLAUSE 107.—(Contents of other administrative schemes.) 204 words
  4. c392
  5. CLAUSE 119.—(Voluntary combination of local authorities.) 68 words
  6. c392
  7. CLAUSE 120.—(Compulsory combination of local authorities.) 44 words
  8. cc392-6
  9. CLAUSE 133.—(Formation of new small burgh.) 1,446 words
  10. c396
  11. CLAUSE 147(Procedure for formation, alteration, combination or dissolution of special districts.) 179 words
  12. cc396-403
  13. CLAUSE 330.—(Dean of guild, etc., of certain burghs to be members of town council.) 2,599 words
  14. c403
  15. FIFTH SCHEDULE.—(Expenditure of a Town Council to be defrayed out of the burgh rate so far as payable by occupiers of lands and heritages only.) 32 words
  16. cc403-7
  17. SIXTH SCHEDULE.—(Enactments for the purpose of which money may be borrowed by local authorities repayable within periods other than thirty years.) 1,453 words