HC Deb 07 July 1947 vol 439 cc2003-4

Amendments made:

In page 150, line 44, at beginning, insert: "Subject as hereinafter provided."

In line 44, leave out "planning."

In line 49, leave out from "shall," to end of line, and insert: if in force on the appointed day, continue in force in accordance with the terms thereof and may be enforced under the said section thirty-three or under the scheme as the case may be: Provided that—

  1. (a) nothing in any such agreement shall be construed as restricting or requiring the exercise, in relation to land to which any such agreement applies, of any powers exerciseable by any Minister or authority under this Act:
  2. (b) if the Secretary of State it- satisfied, on application made to him by any person being a party to any such agreement, or a person entitled to land affected thereby, that any restriction on the development or use of the land imposed by the agreement is inconsistent with the proper planning or development of the area comprising the land, he may by order discharge or modify that restriction so far as apears to him to be expedient;
  3. (c) without prejudice to the provisions of sub-paragraph (b) of this proviso, if any person, being a party to any such agree- 2004 ment (whether as originally made or as modified under that sub-paragraph), or a person entitled to land affected thereby, claims that the agreement ought to be modified or rescinded having regard to the provisions of this Act or anything done there under, he may refer to arbitration the question whether the agreement should be so modified or rescinded, and the arbiter may make such award as appears to him to be just having regard to all the circumstances."

In page 151, line 46, leave out from "day," to "for," in line 48, and insert: application has been made to the Secretary of State.

In line 48, leave out "that Act," and insert: the Act of 1945.

In page 152, leave out lines 1 to 4, and insert: proceedings on the application shall be continued under that Act after that day; and where any such direction is given, section one of the Act of 1945 and section thirteen of that Act and the First Schedule to that Act so far as they relate to an order under the said section one shall continue to apply in relation to the application and an order may be made thereon accordingly.

In line 7, after "Act," insert: or where any such order has been made after the appointed day by virtue of the last foregoing paragraph.

In line 9, leave out from "area," to "and," in line 11, and insert: of comprehensive development.

In line 15, leave out from "any," to end of line, and insert "such order."

In line 21, leave out "before the appointed day."

In line 32, leave out from "effect," to "section," in line 33, and insert: as if it had been made under Part III of this Act and.

In line 33, leave out "that Act," and insert: the Act of 1945."—[Mr. Buchanan.]

Bill to be read the Third time this day. and to be printed. [Bill 93.]

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