HC Deb 22 January 1947 vol 432 cc285-6
Mr. G. R. Strauss

I beg to move, in page 2, line 37, to leave out from "made," to the second "and."

The purpose of this Amendment is very simple. Under the Road Traffic Act, 1934, the fee paid by an applicant for I driving test went to the person conducting the test. We came to the conclusion that it would be more convenient, from an administrative point of view, if that fee were paid instead to a person to be designated by the Minister, who in future would be the clerk to the Traffic Commissioners. The Bill was drafted with that purpose in mind, but subsequently it came to our attention that there are certain organisations who now carry out tests and who should reeive the fees. The organisations are the Metropolitan Police who make tests in respect of public ser- vice vehicles and taxis, and the Royal Automobile Club, the A.A. and the R.S.A.C. who undertake tests in respect of foreign visitors to this country. That arrangement has long existed. It has been a very satisfactory arrangement which my Ministry has endorsed, and we feel it would be a pity to disturb it. The Amendment means that whereas in the ordinary way a fee paid by an applicant will in future go to the clerk to the Traffic Commissioners, the old arrangement by which certain fees could be paid to the Metropolitan Police or these various automobile clubs will continue. That is the sole purpose of the Amendment.

Amendment agreed to.

Further Amendment made:

In page 2, line 38, after "prescribed," insert: (other than any as to which the regulations provide that they are to be paid to the person conducting the test and retained by him as remuneration),"—[Mr. G. R. Strauss.]