HC Deb 13 February 1947 vol 433 cc663-4

Considered in Committee under Standing Order No. 69—(King's Recommendation signified.)

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

Motion made, and Question proposed, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for the establishment of development councils for industries, for making funds available for certain purposes in relation to industries for which there is no development council, for the disposal of any surplus of funds, levied under emergency provision 'for encouragement of exports, and for the making of grants to bodies established for the improvement of design, it is expedient to authorize—

  1. (a) the following payments out of moneys provided by Parliament, that is to say—
    1. (i) payment of grants to the Council of Industrial Design or to any association or body the objects of which include promoting the improvement of design in any industry or activities conducive thereto and as to which the Board of Trade is satisfied that it does not carry on any business for the purpose of making a profit;
    2. (ii)after revocation or expiry of any order imposing charges made under the Defence (Encouragement of Export) Regulations, 594o, payment to any development council established for the industry in relation to which the order was made, or otherwise for purposes connected with that industry, of sums up to the amount of any excess of charges recovered under the order and other receipts of the Board of Trade under arrangements made pursuant to those Regulations over the cost of the relevant services provided thereunder;
    3. (iii) payment of any administrative expenses incurred in the execution of the said Act by any government department;
  2. (b) payment into the Exchequer, after revocation of any order under the said Act imposing charges for purposes in connection with an industry for which there is not a development council, of any excess of charges recovered under the order over expenses incurred for those purposes, in so far as any such excess is not otherwise disposed of under the said Act."—[Sir S. Cripps.]

Mr. Quintin Hogg (Oxford)

As this is the Money Resolution, may we hear the Minister's voice upon this important subject? I object to this being treated as unopposed Business in view of the fact that the Government imposed the Closure.

And, it being after Ten o'Clock, and objection being taken to further Proceedtngs, The CHAIRMAN left the Chair to make his Report to the House.

Committee report Progress; to sit again upon Monday next.