HC Deb 12 February 1947 vol 433 c368
57. Major Legge-Bourke

asked the Minister of Food what are the lower grades of meat, till now used only for manufacturing, which butchers have been instructed to sell as part of the meat ration; where this kind of meat originates; and whether it is inspected before distribution to butchers.

Dr. Summerskill

Certain grades of beef, which were regularly issued as part of the ration until we became short of manufacturing meat early in 1946, are now being included in the ration again. They are second quality bullock and heifer beef, and the better qualities of cow beef, and come from the Southern Dominions, Canada, Rhodesia, and the United States. All this meat is inspected before distribution.

Major Legge-Bourke

Will the hon. Lady say why the reasons for which this meat had to be put into circulation for human consumption, were marked, "Not for publication", when issued to the butchers; and will she say why the general public should not be allowed to know the reasons for this action?

Dr. Summerskill

I think it is quite clear that the general public knew, otherwise the hon. and gallant Gentleman would not have put this Question down.

Mr. Boyd-Carpenter

Will the hon. Lady confirm or deny that instructions were given to butchers that this was to be kept secret?

Dr. Summerskill

I can do neither, unless another Question is put down.

Mr. Walkden

Are the contents of sausages kept secret, too?