HC Deb 05 February 1947 vol 432 cc1925-6

"That, under any Act of the present Session to make fresh provision for planning the de- velopment and use of land, and for purposes connected therewith—

  1. (1) There shall be charged, in respect of the carrying out on land of operations for the carrying out of which planning permission is required under the said Act, and in respect of uses of land for the institution of which such permission is so required, and in respect of the retention on land of buildings or works, or the continuance of uses of land, in accordance with planning permission granted under the said Act, such development charges (or in the case of land acquired or appropriated by local authorities for the development or redevelopment of any area as a whole, or land acquired by development corporations under the New Towns Act, 1946, such sums in lieu of development charges) as may be determined in accordance with the provisions of the said Act;
  2. (2) There shall be paid into the Exchequer any sums received by the Central Land Board to be established under the said Act in respect of such development charges or other sums as aforesaid."

Resolution agreed to.