HC Deb 03 December 1947 vol 445 cc378-9
46. Sir J. Lucas

asked the Minister of Defence if he will state the meat, bacon, bread and sugar rations, respectively, for the Services as compared with those for civilians; and whether the same Service rations are given to both male and female personnel.

The Minister of Defence (Mr. A. V. Alexander)

I will, with permission, circulate a table in the OFFICIAL REPORT. The relationship between Service and civilian ration scales is kept under review by an Inter-Service Committee under Ministry of Food chairmanship; the Committee is at present considering what reductions should be imposed on the Services to correspond with recent civilian reductions.

Sir J. Lucas

While thanking the right hon. Gentleman for his reply, may I ask if he will add details of the potato ration to the list if they are not on it?

Mr. Alexander

I will see if that can be done in time, but if not I will have it done separately.

Squadron-Leader Fleming

Is it not a fact that Service rations are generally greater in quantity than those given to civilians?

Mr. Alexander

I think it is necessary to study the table and to take into consideration the overall consumption of civilians, apart from the actual weekly ration, but we will do our best to obtain a fair adjustment in the matter.

Following is the table:

(Ounces per week unless otherwise shown.)
—— Navy. Army and Air Force. Civilian ration. Civilian average consumption (provisional) (a).
Men. Women. Men. Women.
Meat (including tinned meat, offals and sausages). 35 31.9 36.75 31.9 IS. worth(b) (i.e., about II OZ.). 23.3
Bacon and ham 7 5.5 7 6.3 1
Bread unit goods 13½ B.Us. 9 B.Us. 67.5 47.8 9 B.Us. 68 (approx. 12.5 B.Us.).
Sugar (including jam, sweets, etc). 18.6 18.6 19.4 21.3 8 (c) 21.7 (d)
(a) Current overall average covering all age groups and occupations—estimated by the Ministry of Food and allowing, in the case of sugar, for the cut already announced which takes effect in January, 1948.
(b) Excluding tinned meat (on points), offal and sausages (not rationed).
(c) Excluding sugar content of jam. sweets, etc.
(d) This figure is not comparable; it includes all the sugar allocated for composite foods, e.g., biscuits, cakes, sweets, jam, etc., and for brewing amounting in all to 9.84 oz.

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