HC Deb 22 April 1947 vol 436 cc818-9

Classes of goods becoming chargeable at reduced rate

Floor coverings, including linoleum, but not including carpets, carpeting, rugs, mats, matting and wooden floor coverings.

Chambers not supplied as part of a toilet service, and chair pans and commode pans and lids for such chambers and pans as aforesaid.

Hot water bottles of a kind designed for use as bed warmers or foot warmers.

Requisites for cricket of the following descriptions—bats, balls, stumps and bails and wicket keepers' and batsmen's pads and gloves.

Footballs, and part of footballs, and footballers' shinguards.

Requisites for hockey, but not for ice hockey, of the following descriptions—sticks, balls and shinguards.

Boxing gloves.

Rowing boats specially designed as racing boats.

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