HC Deb 16 April 1947 vol 436 c181
43. Major Bruce

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty the names of those ships which have been equipped, since 23rd October, 1946, with galleys up to the U.S. standard.

The Civil Lord (Mr. W. J. Edwards)

As the reply is rather long and contains a nominal list, I will, with permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the list:

The chief difference between the galleys in His Majesty's surface ships and corresponding ships of the U.S. Navy during recent years has been that our ships had oil-fired ranges and the American ships electric ranges. Electric ranges are, however, now being installed in His Majesty's ships under construction or undergoing refit, although in the latter case such factors as space, additional load on the ships' electricity generating plant besides supply difficulties with the ranges themselves, have effected the rate of introduction.

A total of 50 ships are now fitted with electric galley ranges of which the following have been so equipped since 23rd October, 1946: Aircraft Carrier: "Magnificent. Cruisers: "Birmingham," "Devonshire," "London. Destroyers: "Agincourt," "Aisne, Barrosa," "Jutland," "Matapan,"Solebay. Depot Ship: "Woolwich. In addition, other improvements such as the provision of more modern steam cooking equipment, additional domestic machinery and refrigerated storage are being made as far as possible concurrently with the work of fitting electric cooking equipment. His Majesty's submarines have always had electric galley ranges.
44. Major Bruce

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty the names of those ships in which improvements in air-conditioning have taken place since 3rd July, 1946.

Mr. W. J. Edwards

Since 3rd July, 1946, improvements in air-conditioning have been made in 24 H.M. ships in service, details of which, I will, with permission, circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Major Bruce

Will my hon. Friend say what further proposals he has in hand?

Mr. Edwards

I cannot give the exact number of ships, but it is proposed to increase this number as and when we possibly can.

Following is the list: Aircraft Carriers: "Formidable," "Theseus. Cruisers: "Achilles," "Australia," "Belfast," "Euryalus," "London," "Newcastle," "Phoebe," "Sussex," "Sheffield. Destroyers: "Aisne," "Barossa," "Concord," "Consort," "Conus," "Dunkirk," "Gabbard," "Gravelines," "Saintes," "Sluys," "St. James. Submarine Depot Ship: "Montclare." Repair Ship: Alaunia.
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