HC Deb 03 April 1947 vol 435 c2225
87. Mr. Gammans

asked the Minister of Health why it is necessary to make radio appeals for streptomycin for urgent cases of illness; and why, if the supplies of this drug are limited, they are not retained centrally in a number of hospitals all over the country so that doctors and institutions in need of the drug, would know where to apply without a radio appeal.

Mr. Bevan

I am not responsible for these appeals, which I think give a wrong impression to the public. My views have been made plain in a statement issued by my Department on 22nd January, 1947, of which I am sending the hon. Member a copy. The limited supplies available are allotted to the treatment of patients in the clinical trials organised at selected hospitals by the Medical Research Council.

Mr. Gammans

Has the Minister no power to centralise these supplies, because it seems fantastic that a person's life should depend on whether or not a particular hospital has a radio set?

Mr. Bevan

I have already said that the advice I have received does not go to show that patients' lives are necessarily dependent on the supplies of this drug. I very much deprecate false hopes being raised among poor people and sick people by appeals of this sort.