HC Deb 08 October 1946 vol 427 c146

Considered in Committee, under Standing Order No. 69.

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

Resolved: 'That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for the development of atomic energy and the control of such development, and for purposes connected therewith, it is expedient to authorise the payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of—

  1. (a) any sums paid by way of grant or loan to any person engaged in the production or use of atomic energy or research into matters connected therewith;
  2. (b) any sums required to defray expenses incurred by the Minister of Supply in the exercise of functions under the said Act; and
  3. (c) any sums required by or under any provision of the said Act to be paid to any person by way of compensation or interest thereon."—[King's Recommendation signified.)—[Mr. Wilmot.]

Resolution to be reported upon Friday.