HC Deb 28 November 1946 vol 430 cc1909-11

10.23 p.m.

The Under-Secretary of State for India (Mr. Arthur Henderson)

I beg to move, That an humble Address be presented to His Majesty in pursuance of the provisions of Section 309 of the Government of India Act, 1935, praying that the Government of India (Governors' Allowances and Privileges) (Amendment) Order, 1946, be made in the form of the draft laid before Parliament. The object of this Order is to increase certain allowances that are payable to the Governor of Sind. The reason why we seek to increase such allowances is due to two factors. The first is because, since the amounts were originally fixed by the Order made in 1936, the Governor of Sind has had to move his quarters from the bungalow to an official Government House that was completed in 1942. As the House will see from the Draft Order, certain of the amounts refer to the renewal of furnishings, the maintenance of the Governor's furniture and certain allowances in respect of hospitality and the pay and upkeep of domestics. The second point relates to the Governor's Military Secretary. These amounts have been very carefully scrutinised by the Viceroy, and he advises that he is satisfied that they are necessary.

Earl Winterton (Horsham)

I desire to offer no opposition to this on behalf of those who sit on this side of the House. If I may venture a somewhat sombre or sinister joke, I should say that anyone who happens to be a Governor in India under the present deplorable conditions deserves to be properly housed and to have proper emoluments.

Squadron-Leader Sir Gifford Fox (Henley)

May I ask whether air conditioning is to be put into the Governor's residence, and if not, when it is anticipated that it will be put in?

Mr. Henderson

That is not actually governed by the Order. As I have said, this refers to domestics, and the maintenance and renewal of furniture.

Debate adjourned. —[Mr. R. I Taylor.]

Debate to be resumed upon Monday next.