HC Deb 23 May 1946 vol 423 cc529-32

Industries which ceased to be scheduled by about mid-May

*This does not include the Port Transport Industry.

Industries which have received three months' notice to terminate between 15th May, 1946, and yd August, 1946, and approximate date of withdrawal.

Asphalt manufacture; 1st August.

Ballast Sand and gravel (production delivery, maintenance of pits): 1st August.

Beet Sugar manufacture: 5th July.

Boatbuilding Section of Shipbuilding and Ship-repairing industry: 15th June. Bread Making and Flour Confectionery (except a limited number of undertakings): 3rd August.

Cast stone and cast concrete products: 1st August.

Chalk, chalk lime (but excluding whiting): 1st August.

Chemicals, except a limited number of firms engaged in the manufacture of heavy chemicals or fertilisers: 29th June.

Compound cooking fat: 3rd August.

Concrete, ready mixed: 1st August.

Margarine manufacture: 3rd August.

Milk distribution and processing (including cheese processing) (except a limited number of undertakings): 3rd August.

Paper and paper board: nth July.

Provender and compound food manufacture (except a limited number of undertakings): 3rd August.

Putty: 1st August.

Quarrying (slag, igneous rock and sandstone, but excluding limestone and roofing slate): 3rd August.

Refractories (including getting the materials): 1st August.

Roofing felt manufacture: 1st August.

Seed crushing and oil refining: 3rd August.

Stoneware: 27th June.

Sugar refining: 3rd August.

Timber home produced (recovery, conversion and storage): 27th June.

Timber imported (sawmills): 27th June.

Timber (inland storage): 27th June.

Utility furniture manufacture: 3rd July.

Wholesale provisions and grocery trade (England and Wales) (except a limited number of undertakings): 3rd August.

Woodworking: 3rd July.

Industries not yet given the three months' formal notice that they are to be withdrawn from the scope of the Orders.