HC Deb 06 June 1946 vol 423 cc2161-2
64. Mr. G. Thomas

asked the Minister of Education what are the difficulties preventing her Department from giving unsuccessful candidates the reason for their rejection by the interviewing boards held in conjunction with the emergency scheme for teachers.

Mr. Hardman

The interviewing boards are made up of members with wide and varied educational experience and their recommendations are based on a balanced assessment of the many factors which affect a candidate's suitability. In these circumstances it is not possible to give unsuccessful candidates any detailed reason for their rejection.

Mr. Thomas

Is the Minister aware that people with considerable experience are astonished at some of the fantastic decisions taken by the interveiwing boards, and could he make it possible for some second chance to be given?

Mr. Hardman

I can only say that I have myself personally investigated many of these decisions which have been in question and I confess that I have found that the boards who have dealt with these appointments have, in my opinion, done their work extremely well and taken into consideration all kinds of personal factors.

Mr. Yates

Is my hon. Friend aware that in the Circular which defines the obligation, the phrase appears, " As this decision is based on the results of a personal interview "? May I ask if the result is based only upon a personal interview, and also whether this Circular may be reworded so as to be a little more pleasant to those who receive it, and that the words " Your obedient servant " may be deleted, because they give neither obedience nor service?

Mr. Hopkin Morris

Is the hon. Gentleman aware that in some cases some of these people who have been rejected by the interviewing board have been accepted subsequently?

Mr. Hardman

No. I was not aware of that but I should be very glad to have some facts to prove that statement.

Major Bruce

Can the Minister say whether copies of the proceedings are available for the Minister to see at a later date if he should so require?

Mr. Hardman

Yes. The Minister can see a detailed report which gives the details of the particular interview that has taken place. We have all the information that we require.