HC Deb 03 June 1946 vol 423 cc1586-7
15. Brigadier Low

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he will authorise the necessary additional clothing coupons for men engaged as musical directors of orchestras.

Mr. Belcher

No, Sir. I sympathise with such people but they must look for relief to such increases as become possible in the basic ration.

21. Captain Marsden

asked the President of the Board of Trade if arrangements have been made to provide Dominion and Colonial troops visiting this country for the purpose of taking part in the Victory Parade on 8th June with the coupons necessary to purchase articles they desire to take back to their homes.

Mr. Belcher

No, Sir. I am sure that, in view of the shortage of clothes here, our visitors from the Empire will be content to purchase articles which are not rationed.

Captain Marsden

Has not the hon. Gentleman got it wrong? Is it not the case that the people of this country would wish visitors to take home with them some recollection of perhaps their first and only visit to this country?

Mr. Belcher

That is entirely a matter of opinion. My feeling is that the majority of the people of this country would prefer to keep here the clothes of which they are being deprived at the present time.

Mr. Butcher

Is it not a fact that the delegates who came here for the U.N.O. Conference were provided with coupons and, that being so, could not similar arrangements be made in this case?

Mr. Belcher

Arrangements are being, and will be, made to cover the needs of people who come from parts of the world where the clothing usually worn is not suitable for the climate here.

Mr. Walkden

Can my hon. Friend say how many tens of thousands of coupons have been given away to visitors who come to see us for business, compassionate or surreptitious reasons? Will he stop giving away 90 coupons to anybody who comes to Britain?

Mr. Erroll

Has the hon. Gentleman considered the advertising value of letting these people take a few British articles back with them?

Mr. Belcher

The predominant consideration in my mind, and in the mind

The following list shows the number of new lactones, extensions and modernisations, exceeding 5,000 square feet, approved in each development area in 1946. together with the number of these on which building work was in progress at the end of April.
Development Area. New Factories. Extensions. Conversions and adaptations of Existing Buildings. Total Building work in progress.
North Eastern 48 16 9 73 14
Scottish 61 30 2 93 15
South Wales and Monmouthshire. 66 16 5 87 7
West Cumberland 4 2 6
South Lancashire 2 1 3
181 65 16 262 36
No building schemes have yet been approved for the Wrexham Development Area.