HC Deb 11 July 1946 vol 425 cc558-9
Mr. Edward Evans

asked the Minister of Health whether the scheme for loans to small traders in certain coastal holiday resorts on the south and east coasts is to continue in operation; and if he will consider increasing the maximum amount of the loans permissible.

Mr. Key

Yes, Sir. The Government have decided to extend the operation of this scheme for another year and to increase the maximum amount of the loans to£500 to any one trader.

Mr. Evans

While expressing great gratification at the Minister's answer, may I ask if the men who have availed themselves of the previous opportunity of borrowing up to £150 under the old scheme, will be eligible to extend their loans up to£500 under this scheme?

Mr. Key

I cannot say positively whether that is the case, but I will see that due consideration is given to it.

Mr. William Teeling

While thanking the hon. Gentleman for this concession, for which the Defence Areas Committee was asking for nearly two years, may ask if he is aware that it was for the whole defence areas, not only for a few seaside resorts? Can he also say whether this £500 is now being granted because it looks as if there arc to be more goods purchasable with the money? That is why it was held back before.

Mr. Key

That may be one of the reasons, but the other reasons were that the extra money was found to be necessary in the circumstances.

Mr. Beechman

Does this apply to all the defence areas?

Mr. Key

It applies to the areas on the South and the East coasts.

Brigadier Mackeson

Would it be possible for those traders who had their previous applications refused to resubmit their applications now?

Mr. key

I have said that I cannot give an absolute guarantee, but consideration will be given to this.

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