HC Deb 11 December 1946 vol 431 cc1144-5
18. Mr. Warbey

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster what was the calorific value of the rations actually distributed to normal consumers in Austria during September, October and November, 1946, respectively.

Mr. J. Hynd

During September, October and the first ten days of November, the ration scale of 1,200 calories per day was in general met in full. On 11th November an increased scale of 1,550 calories was introduced. This scale has been generally met in Vienna, but difficulties in food collection and distribution have led to local deficiencies in the provinces.

Mr. Warbey

While I welcome the assurance that the rations have at last been raised above the starvation level of 1,200 calories in Austria, can the hon. Gentleman say why the increase took place after the similar increase in Germany?

Mr. Hynd

The increase was decided upon by the Austrian Government, who are responsible for deciding what scale of rations should be provided.

19. Mr. Warbey

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster what is the projected ration scale for normal consumers in Austria during December, 1946, and January and February, 1947, respectively.

Mr. J. Hynd

The projected scale, which is the responsibility of the Austrian Government, is 1,550 calories per day.

Mr. Warbey

Is my hon. Friend aware that unless emergency action is taken now the bread bins of Austria will be empty at the end of February, and can he say what steps are being taken to deal with that situation?

Mr. Hynd

I can only say that we are well aware of the situation in regard to the feeding of Austria for the next several months, and that very energetic steps are being taken by the control authorities, particularly by ourselves and the Americans, to ensure that the necessary supplies are brought forward.

Mr. Gallacher

Can the hon. Gentleman say whether it is the case that, while the rations are so low in Austria, Austria is exporting food?

Mr. Stokes

There are too many dead heads; that is the trouble.

28. Mr. Bechervaise

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster what prospect there is of increasing the official ration in Austria above 1,200 calories.

Mr. J. Hynd

This ration was increased to 1,550 calories last month.

Mr. Lipson

Can the hon. Gentleman say whether the Austrian people are being as well or worse fed than the Germans?

Mr. Hynd

I am afraid I could not give an official answer to that. Officially they are getting 1,550 calories. It is probable that, as Austria is rather more an agrarian country than is the British zone of Germany, they are getting rather more.

Mr. Bechervaise

Is there any truth in the statement that Austria is exporting food?

Mr. Hynd

I am not aware of any food experts from the British zone.

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