HC Deb 18 April 1946 vol 421 c2889
54. Mr. Kinģ

asked the Minister of Labour why deferment is given to students in order to enable them to take courses at teachers' training colleges when they are under the age of 18 years on 1st October of the year in which the course commences, but is refused to other intending teachers who wish to commence university degree courses unless they are in the age group falling between 1st August, 1927, and 30th September, 1928.

Mr. Ness Edwards

Recruitment for teachers' training colleges is on a different basis from entrance to universities for degree courses and special arrangements have been necessary. In the case of university students it is not possible to make concessions for special classes.

Mr. Kinģ

If the policy is to defer students from call-up so that they may go to colleges, how can it prevent a system under which teachers who take one form of training are deferred and others who lake a different form are not?

Mr. Edwards

I thought the answer would have been obvious. Teachers who go to teachers' training colleges are going for a similar purpose, but the students who go to universities are going for dissimilar purposes. It would be unfair to differentiate in that class.

Mr. Wilson Harris

is it not the desire of the Government that teachers should take university degree courses? This Question refers to intending teachers.

Mr. Edwards

This matter has been gone into very fully with the vice-chancellors of the universities. Apparently there is agreement on this position, and in this matter we must naturally be advised by those authorities.

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