HC Deb 17 April 1946 vol 421 c2722

Classes of Goods becoming chargeable at basic rate

Walking sticks and canes, being sticks and canes which, except for the ferrules, are wholly of wood.

Hair waving and hair drying machines.

Garden furniture (but not including garden ornaments).

Trunks, bags, wallets, jewel cases, pouches, purses, suitcases and similar receptacles being articles of leather, hide or skin, designed for use solely for the purposes of any trade, profession, employment or vocation and unsuitable for use for other purposes.

Photographic cameras.

Photographic enlargers.

Projectors for sub-standard film or for slides.

Lenses and other parts of, and accessories to, such cameras, enlargers or projectors as are mentioned in this Part of this Table.

Unexposed sensitised photographic paper, cloth, plates and film.

Musical instruments, including gramophones, player pianos and other similar instruments, and accessories to, and parts of, musical instruments.

Gramophone records. Player piano records.

Radio gramophones."

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