HC Deb 17 April 1946 vol 421 cc2710-6

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House, at its rising Tomorrow, do adjourn till Tuesday, 30th April."—[The Prime Minister.]

4.17 p.m.

Sir Wavell Wakefield (St. Marylebone)

Is it not important that this matter of the iron and steel industry, the urgency of which has been demonstrated, should be discussed immediately?

Mr. Speaker

We are now considering another matter, the Easter Recess Adjournment Motion.

Sir W. Wakefield

That is the point was raising. In view of the statement made by the Prime Minister, and in view of the obvious urgency of this matter, could we not immediately debate this whole question?

Mr. Speaker

It is quite impossible. The Question now is that the House do adjourn until 30th April, and, therefore, that Debate would be out of Order. We have already resolved that the House will meet tomorrow at Eleven o'Clock and that no Questions will be taken after Twelve o'Clock.

Sir W. Wakefield

Should not this House return this day week instead of 30th April, in order to provide an opportunity to debate this matter next week? We could then have two or three days' Debate instead of having an Easter Recess? That would give plenty of opportunity for this matter to be discussed. Obviously, it is of great importance to the steel industry to know where they are. A two-day Debate next week instead of taking the Easter Recess would give an opportunity for the Government to make a full statement of the position, and we on this side would have our opportunity of stating our objections and of discussing those points which have been ruled out of Order today. The difficulty about discussion being in Order would be overcome if that course were pursued. Is it not possible for us to resolve that this House should return this day week, instead of on the day on which it was originally decided that the House should resume its sittings? Is it not possible for this House to return on this day week?

Mr. Speaker

It is open even now, for the hon. Member to move an Amendment to the Motion.

Sir W. Wakefield

I beg to move, to leave out "Tuesday, 30th April," and to add" Wednesday next."

The reason for moving this Amendment is that it is of great urgency that this House should discuss the matters which have been raised by the statement of the Minister of Supply, and the further statement. made by the Prime Minister. I do not want to delay the House improperly, but this is a matter of great importance to thousands of steel workers and to millions of consumers, because steel is the basis of many of our industries, and the basis of much of the export trade, which is so necessary for our future existence. I submit that there can be no matter of greater urgency to the future of this country than the announcement which has just been made by the Minister of Supply. For those reasons I desire to move this Amendment.

Sir Arnold Gridley

I beg to second the Amendment.

Question put, "That the words ' Tuesday, 30th April,' stand part of the Question."

The House divided: Ayes, 264; Noes, 147.

Division No. 133.] AYES 4.25 p.m
Adams, H. R. (Balham) Champion, A. J Foot, M M.
Adams, W. T. (Hammersmith, South) Chater, D. Foster, W. (Wigan)
Adamson, Mrs. J. L. Chetwynd, Capt. G. R Freeman, Maj. J. (Watford)
Allen, A. C. (Bosworth) Clitherow, Dr. R. Freeman, Peter (Newport)
Alpass, J. H. Cluse, W. S. Gaitskell, H. T. N.
Anderson, A. (Motherwell) Cobb, F. A. Gallacher, W.
Atlewell, H. C. Cocks, F. S. Ganley, Mrs. C. S.
Attlee, Rt. Hon. C R Collick, P. Gilzean, A.
Austin, H. L. Collindridge, F. Glanville, J. E. (Consett)
Awbery, S S Collins, V. J. Gooch, E. G.
Ayles, W H. Colman, Miss G. M. Greenwood, Rt. Hon. A.
Ayrton Gould, Mrs. B Comyns, Dr. L Greenwood, A. W. J. (Heywood)
Bacon, Miss A. Cook, T. F. Grey, C. F.
Baird, Capt J. Cooper, Wing-Comdr. G Griffiths, D. (Rother Valley)
Balfour, A. Cove, W. G. Griffiths, Rt. Hon. J. (Llanelly)
Barton, C Daines, P. Guy, W. H.
Battley, J. R. Dalton, Rt. Hon. H. Haire, Fit.-Lieut. J. (Wycombe)
Bechervaise, A. E. Davles, Edward (Burslem) Hale, Leslie
Belcher, J. W. Davits, Ernest (Enfield) Hall, W. G. (Colne Valley)
Benson, G Davies Harold (Leek) Hamilton, Lieut.-Col. R.
Berry, H, Davies, Haydn (St. Pancras, S.W.) Hannan, W. (Maryhill)
Beswick, Fit.-Lieut. F Davies, R. J. (Westhoughton) Hardy, E. A.
Binns, J. de Freitas, Geoffrey Harrison, J.
Blackburn, A. R. Delargy, Captain H. J Hastings, Dr Somerville
Blenkinsop, Capt. A Diamond, J. Haworth, J.
Blyton, W. R. Dodds, N. N. Herbison, Miss M.
Boardman, H. Donovan, T. Hicks, G.
Bottomley, A. G. Douglas, F. C. R. Hobson, C. R
Bowden, Fig.-Offr. H. W. Driberg, T. E. N. Holman, P.
Bowles, F. G. (Nuneaton) Dumpieton, C. W. Holmes, H. E. (Hemsworlh)
Braddock, Mrs. E. M. (L'p'l, Exch'ge) Durbin, E. F. M. Horabin. T. L
Brook, D. (Halifax) Edelman, M. House, G
Brooks, T. J. (Rothwell) Edwards, A. (Middlesbrough, E.) Hoy, J.
Brown, George (Belper) Edwards, Rt. Hon. Sir C. (Bedwellty) Hubbard, T.
Bruce, Maj. D. W. T Edwards, John (Blackburn) Hudson, J. H. (Ealing, W.)
Buchanan G Evans, S. N. (Wednesbury) Hughes, Emrys (S. Ayr)
Burke, W. A. Ewart, R. Hughes, Hector (Aberdeen, N.)
Callaghan, Jams* Fairhurst, F. Hughes, Lt. H. D. (W'lverh'pton, W.)
Castle, Mrs. B. A. Farthing, W. J. Hutchinson, H. L. (Rusholme)
Chamberlain. R. A. Fletcher, E G. M. (Islington, E.) Hynd, J. B. (Allercliffe)
Irving, W. J. Orbach, M. Strauss, G. R.
Jeger, G. (Winchester) Paget, R. T. Stress, Dr. B.
John, W. Paling, Rt. Hon. Wilfred (Wentworth) Stubbs, A. E.
Jones, D. T. (Hartlepools) Paling, Will T. (Dewsbury) Summerskill, Dr. Edith
Keenan, W. Parkin, Flt.-Lieut. B. T. Symonds, Maj. A. L
Kenyon, C. Paton, Mrs. F. (Rushcliffe) Taylor, H. B. (Mansfield)
Key C. W. Paton, J. (Norwich) Taylor, Dr. S. (Barnet)
King, E. M. Pearson, A. Thomas, Ivor (Keighley)
Kinley, J. Pearl, Capt. T. F. Thomas, I. O. (Wrekin)
Kirby, B. V. Perrins, W. Thomson, Rt. Hn. G. R. (Ed'b'gh, E.)
Kirkwood, D. Piratin, P. Thorneycroft, H.
Lang, G. Popplewell, E Thurtle, E.
Lavers, S. Porter, E. (Warrington) Tiffany, S.
Lee, F. (Hulme) Pritt, D. N. Timmons, J.
Lee, Miss J. (Cannock) Proctor, W. T. Titterington, M. F.
Leonard, W. Pursey, Cmdr. H. Tolley, L.
Leslie, J. R. Ranger, J. Turner-Samuels M.
Lever, Fl. Off. N H. Rees-Williams, D. R. Usborne, Henry
Levy, B. W. Reid, T. (Swindon) Vernon, Maj. W. F.
Lewis, J (Bolton) Ridealgh, Mrs. M Viant, S. P.
Lipton, Lt.-Col M Robens, A Walkden, E.
Logan, D. G. Roberts, Goronwy (Caernarvonshire) Walker, G. H.
McAdam, W. Rogers, G. H. R Wallace, G. D. (Chislehurst)
McAllister, G. Sargood, R. Wallace, H. W (Walthamstow, E.)
McEntee, V. La T. Scollan, T. Warbey, W. N.
McKay, J. (Wallsend) Scott-Elliot, W. Watson, W. M.
Maclean, N. (Govan) Segal, Sq.-Ldr. S. Wells, P. L. (Faversham)
McLeavy, F. Shackleton, Wing-Cdr. E. A. A. Wells, W. T. (Walsall)
MacMillan, M. K. Sharp, Lt.-Col. G. M. White, C. F. (Derbyshire, W.)
Mallalieu, J. P. W. Shawcross, C. N. (Widnes) Whiteley, Rt. Hon. W
Mann, Mrs. J. Shawcross, Sir H. (St. Helens) Wilkes, Maj. L.
Manning, Mrs. L. (Epping) Silkin, Rt. Hon. L. Wilkins, W. A.
Mathers, G Silverman, J. (Erdington) Willey, F. T. (Sunderland)
Messer, F. Silverman S S. (Nelson) Willey, O. G (Cleveland)
Mikardo, Ian Simmons, C. J. Williams, J. L. (Kelvingrove)
Millington Wing-Comdr. E. R Skeffington, A. M Williams, W. R. (Heston)
Mitchison, Maj. G. R. Skeffington-Lodge, T C Williamson, T.
Montague, F. Skinnard, F. W Willis, E.
Morgan, Dr. H. B. Smith, Capt. C. (Colchester) Wilmot, Rt. Hon. J.
Morley, R. Smith, H. N. (Nottingham, S.) Wilson, J. H.
Morris, Lt.-Col. H. (Sheffield, C.) Smith, T. (Normanton) Wise, Major F. J.
Morris, P. (Swansea, W.) Snow, Capt. J. W. Woodburn, A.
Moyle, A. Solley, L. J. Woods, G. S.
Murray, J. D. Soskice, Maj. Sir F. Young, Sir R. (Newton)
Nally, W. Sparks, J. A. Younger, Hon. Kenneth
Nichol, Mrs. M. E. (Bradford, N.) Stamford, W Zilliacus, K.
Nicholls, H. R. (Stratford) Steele, T.
Noel-Buxton, Lady Stephen, C TELLERS FOR THE AYES;
Oliver. G H Stewart, Capt. Michael (Fulham, E.) Mr. Joseph Henderson and
Capt. Bing
Agnew, Cmdr. P. G. Dugdale, Maj. Sir T. (Richmond) Jennings, R.
Assheton, Rt. Hon. R. Duncan, Rt. Hn. Sir A. (City of Lond.) Keeling, E. H.
Baldwin, A. E. Duthie, W. S. Kingsmill, Lt.-Cot. W. H.
Beamish, Maj T. V. H. Eccles D. M. Lambert, Hon. G.
Birch, Lt.-Col. Nigel Eden, Rt Hon. A. Lancaster, Col. C. G.
Boles, Lt.-Col. D. C. (Wells) Erroll, F J. Langford-Holt, J.
Boothby, R. Fleming, Sqn.-Ldr E. L Law, Rt. Hon. R K
Bossom, A. C Fletcher, W. (Bury) Legge-Bourke, Maj. E. A. H.
Bowen, R. Fletcher, Maj. H. C. P(Stone) Lennox-Boyd, A. T.
Bower, N. Galbraith, Cmdr. T. D. Lindsay, M. (Solihull)
Boyd-Carpenter, J. A. Glossop, C. W. H. Linstead, H. N.
Bromley-Davenport, Lt.-Col. W. Glyn, Sir R Lloyd, Maj. Guy (Renfrew, E.)
Brown, W. J. (Rugby) Gomme-Duncan, Col. A. G. Low Brig. A. R. W.
Buchan-Hepburn, P. G. T. Grimston, R. V. Lucas, Major Sir J.
Butcher, H. W. Hannon, Sir P. (Moseley) Lucas-Tooth, Sir H.
Butler, Rt. Hon. R. A. (S'ffr'n W'ld'n) Hare, Lieut-Col. Hn. J. H.(W'db'ge) Lyttelton, Rt. Hon. O.
Byers, Lt.-Col. F. Harris H. Wilson Macdonald, Capt. Sir P. (I. of Wight)
Carson, E. Harvey, Air-Comdre A. V. McKie, J. H. (Galloway)
Challen, C. Haughton, S. G. Macpherson, Maj. N. (Dumfries)
Churchill, Rt. Hon. W. S Head, Brig. A. H. Maitland, Comdr. J. W.
Clifton-Brown, Lt.-Col. G Hinchingbrooke, Viscount Marlowe, A. A. H.
Conant, Maj. R. J. E. Hogg, Hon. Q. Marsden, Capt. A.
Cooper-Key, E. M. Hollis, M. C. Marshall, D. (Bodmin)
Crookshank, Capt. Rt. Hon. H, F. C Holmes, Sir J Stanley Marshall, S. H. (Sutton)
Crosthwaite-Eyre, Rt. Hon. H. F. C. Hope, Lord J Mellor, Sir J.
Crowder, Capt. J. F. E. Howard, Hon. A. Molson, A. H. E.
Cuthbert, W. N. Hudson, Rt. Hon. R. S. (Southport) Moore, Lt.-Col. Sir T,
Davidson, Viscountess Hulbert, Wing-Comdr. N. J. Morris, Hopkin (Carmarthen)
Darling, Sir W. Y. Hurd, A. Morrison, Maj. J. G. (Salisbury)
Digby, Maj. S. W. Hutchison. LI-Cm. Clark (E'b'rgh W.) Mott-Radclyffe, Maj. C. E.
Donner, Sqn.-Ldr. P. W Hutchison, Col. J. R. (Glasgow, C.) Neven-Spence, Sir B.
Dower Lt.-Col. A. V. G. (Penrith) Jarvis, Sir J. Nicholson, G.
Drayson, G. B. Jeffreys, General Sir G. Noble, Comdr. A. H. P.
Drewe, C.
Nutting, Anthony Sanderson, Sir F. Thomas, J. P. L. (Hereford)
Orr-Ewing, I. L. Scott, Lord W. Thorp, Lt. Col. R. A. F.
Peake, Rt. Hon. O. Shepherd, W. S. (Bucklow) Touche, G. C.
Pitman, I. J. Smiles, Lt.-Col. Sir W. Vane, W. M. T.
Ponsonby, Col. C. E. Smithers, Sir W. Walker-Smith, D.
Poole, O. B. S. (Oswestry) Snadden, W. M. Ward, Hon. G. R.
Prescod, Stanley Spearman, A. C M. Webbe, Sir H. (Abbey)
Prior-Palmer, Brig. O Spence, H. R. White, Sir D. (Fareham)
Raikes, H V. Stanley, Rt. Hon. O. White, J. B. (Canteroury)
Rayner, Brig. R. Stewart, J. Henderson (Fife, E.) Williams, C. (Torquay)
Reed, Sir S. (Aylesbury) Stoddart-Scott, Col. M. Williams, Gerald (Tonbridge)
Reid, Rt Hon. J. S. C. (Hillhead) Strauss, H. G. (Com. Eng. Univ'sities) Willoughby, de Eresby, Lord
Renton, D. Stuart, Rt. Hon. J. York, C.
Roberts, San.-Ldr. Emrys (Merioneth) Studholme, H. G.
Roberts, H. (Handsworth) Sutcliffe, H. TELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Ropner, Col. L. Taylor, C. S. (Eastbourne) Sir Wavell Wakefleld and
Sailer, Rl. Hon. Sir J. A. Taylor, Vice-Adm. E. A. (P'dd'ton, S.) Sir Arnold Grldley.

Question put, and agreed to.

Main Question again Proposed.

Mr. Bowles (Nuneaton)

On a point of Order, Mr. Speaker. May we know what exactly is happening? Has a Division been called or not?

Mr. Speaker

An hon. Member raising a point of Order, at this stage, must be seated and covered. I think that we have ruled in the past, that a handkerchief or an Order Paper is not a sufficient covering, and if the hon. Member wishes to raise a point of Order now he must obtain a hat.

Resolved: That this House, at its rising Tomorrow, do adjourn till Tuesday, 30th April.