HC Deb 24 October 1945 vol 414 cc2107-8

Considered in Committee. [Progress, 18th October.]

[Major MILNER in the Chair.]

Question again proposed,

"That for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to authorise the provision of financial assistance to inshore fishermen and persons desiring to engage in the inshore fishing industry it is expedient to authorise:

  1. (1) the payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of any sums required by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Secretary of State concerned with the fishing industry in Scotland for making loans and grants to such persons as aforesaid towards the acquisition, improvement or reconditioning of boats and equipment, subject to the following limitations, that is to say:
    1. (a) that the amount of any grant so made in respect of the acquisition, improvement or reconditioning of any boat or equipment shall not exceed one-third of the price, or one-third of the cost of the improvement or reconditioning, as the case may be;
    2. (b) that the aggregate amount of the grants and loans so made shall not exceed five hundred thousand pounds and eight hundred thousand pounds respectively; and
    3. (c) that no grant or loan shall be so made after the expiration of a period not exceeding seven years beginning with the date of the passing of the said Act;
  2. (2) the payment into the Exchequer of any sums received by the said Minister and the Secretary of State by way of interest on or repayment of the principal of any such loans."

9.14 p.m.

Mr. Maclay (Montrose)

A point has arisen which requires a certain elucidation before this Financial Resolution can be agreed to. I would like to say at once that this is a Bill which all of us who have the interests of inshore fishermen at heart would like to see law as quickly as possible, but it is most important that certain clarifications should be made in the Financial Resolution. I would not like the Minister to feel that I am trying to hold up the passage of this Bill. I believe that the point I wish to raise is one which the Government may have overlooked in considering the Bill, and which, if not dealt with now, could not be put right later. The case I wish to make arises out of the consideration of paragraph 1 (a) of the Resolution. It is possible, under this Resolution, to make a maximum grant to any fishermen wanting to buy a new boat—

It being a Quarter past Nine o'clock, the Chairman left the Chair to make his Report to the House.

Committee report Progress; to sit again To-morrow.