HC Deb 23 October 1945 vol 414 c1863
44. Colonel Ponsonby

asked the Secretary of State for War whether officers and men of the Territorial Army, who are so entitled, may resume the wearing of the "T" (Territorial), or "Y" (Yeomanry) badges as before the war.

Mr. Lawson

No, Sir. It would be premature to authorise the restoration of these badges until more information is available as to the future of the Auxiliary Forces. There are also practical difficulties.

Colonel Ponsonby

Is the Minister aware that the question of the future of the Territorial Army has nothing to do with this particular case, and that the Territorial Army, before the war, gave up their leisure in order to train themselves for military service?

Lieut.-Colonel Price-White

Can the Minister tell us the reason for the differentiation between his Department and the Air Ministry? Is he aware that those employed in a part-time temporary capacity before the war were allowed to use the letter "A" on their uniforms during war-time service? Why cannot a similar right be exercised in the Territorial Army?

Mr. Lawson

I am not aware of that fact, but I will note it.

Wing-Commander Millington

Is not the Minister also aware that it was the practice when I left the Army for Territorial soldiers to remove the "T's" from their shoulders and secrete them under the lapels of their coats, so that it is not a difficult matter to put the "T's" back again?

Mr. Lawson

That docs not indicate that they want to wear the letter publicly. I should be rather sorry if that was the case.