HC Deb 23 October 1945 vol 414 cc1860-1
37. Mr. Willis

asked the Secretary of State for War if he is yet in a position to make a statement about the demobilisation of men in the Radio Security Service at reduced rates of pay and allowances for the period of release leave.

Mr. Lawson

A number of soldiers were enlisted for or transferred to the Radio Security Service for employment on special duties. During that employment, they were paid by that Service at special consolidated rates of pay in lieu of the normal Army pay and allowances. When such soldiers become due for release under the ordinary Release Scheme, they are returned to Army service for the purposes of release, and they are consequently granted the normal pay and allowances of their rank during release leave. As they have finally ceased to do duty with the Radio Security Service, it is not considered that the special rates of pay applicable to that service should continue. It is the normal practice for special rates granted for the performance of special duties to cease from the beginning of release leave, and there are no grounds for an exception in favour of this particular class of men.

41. Captain Chetwynd

asked the Secretary of State for War if members of the A.E.C. are eligible for release under Class B in order to resume teaching at the request of the Ministry of Education.

Mr. Lawson

Yes, Sir. As regards the release of teachers generally, I would refer my hon. and gallant Friend to the reply given on 16th October to a Question by the hon. Member for Henley (G. Fox). The releases are, of course, subject to military requirements, and in view of the importance to the nation of the Army Education Scheme and the need for a sufficiency of Army Educational Corps personnel in this connection it is not in every case possible to spare members of this Corps as Class B releases.

Mr. Kenneth Lindsay

Whilst I agree with the right hon. Gentleman that there must be a priority for the Army, would he make it clear to the men themselves, because several have been sent to India in the last three weeks, and they are suffering from a sense of frustration because they think they are eligible under the "B" scheme to be released at home?

Mr. Lawson

I am sorry to hear that it is not clear to these men, and I will take the necessary steps to see that it is brought to their notice.

Mr. Driberg

Is my right hon. Friend aware that many of these qualified teachers who are being posted to India are in Groups 27 and 28, and are being kept hanging about doing nothing at depots for very long periods of time, awaiting postings to units?

Mr. Scollan

Is the Minister aware of the great dissatisfaction among the very large number of bona fide teachers who are not being asked for by local education authorities, and who have no means of getting release under Class B?

Wing-Commander Millington

Is the Minister also aware that there are still in the Army qualified teachers, with up to 10 years' experience as schoolmasters, who are not employed by the A.E.C. or in any capacity a teacher, but are doing scullion jobs?

Mr. Lawson

I would like positive information of that.