HC Deb 23 October 1945 vol 414 c1907

Motion made, and Question proposed, That the extent and incidence of excess profits tax (for past and future chargeable accounting periods) shall be varied so as to give effect to amendments of the law relating—

  1. (a) to the computation of profits;
  2. (b) to the time within which assessments to excess profits tax may be made;
  3. (c) to relief from double taxation;
  4. (d) to relief in respect of deficiencies of profits; and
  5. (e) to repayments of tax under section twenty-eight of the Finance Act, 1941."—[Mr. Dalton]

Mr. Churchill

On a point of Order, Mr. Chairman. We have not got the Paper and do not quite follow what is going on. If we could have the assurance of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer that nothing is going through that is not formal, and that if, by any chance, anything got through it would be put right, we would be content that this process should continue

The Chairman

Perhaps I might point out to the right hon. Gentleman that the only difference between this procedure and the procedure on former occasions is that I am not reading the Resolutions in full. They are purely formal, and as usual I propose to leave open the last Resolution, on which the right hon. Gentleman will be able to speak.

Question put, and agreed to.