HC Deb 09 October 1945 vol 414 c44

First Report from the Select Committee brought up, and read, as follows:

Your Committee have considered the Import Duties (Exemptions) (No. 3) Orders, 1945 (S. R. & O., 1945 No. 692), the Additional Import Duties (No. 2) Orders, 1945 (S.R. & O., 1945 No. 696), copies of which were presented on 13th June; the Additional Import Duties (No. 4) Order, 1945 (S.R. &O., 1945 No. 853), a copy of which was presented on 15th August, and the House of Commons (Boundary Commission) (Appointed Day)Order, 1945, a copy of which was presented this day, and are of the opinion that there are no reasons for drawing the special attention of the House to them on any of the grounds set out in the Order of Reference of the Committee.

Report to lie upon the Table.