HC Deb 28 November 1945 vol 416 cc1301-2
11. Lieut.-Colonel Mackeson

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies how the rations in Malta compare with those in the United Kingdom; and if there are any shortages of fats and milk which are likely to affect the health of the population, especially the children.

Mr. George Hall

As the answer is long and contains a number of figures, I will, with the hon. and gallant Member's permission, circulate it in the Official Report.

Lieut.-Colonel Mackeson

Will the right hon. Gentleman investigate the possibility of using requisitioned Italian schooners and landing craft for this purpose?

Mr. Hall

Perhaps the hon. and gallant Gentleman will look at the statement I am issuing, and then if he cares, 1 will discuss the matter with him further.

Following is the statement:

It is difficult to compare the rationing systems of Malta and the United Kingdom, since different foods are rationed in each country. Cheese, preserves and fresh eggs, for instance, are unrationed in Malta, though they are more expensive than in the United Kingdom; while flour and bread, which are cheaper than here, are rationed. There are 1½ oz. more sugar and 1 oz. more fat in the Maltese weekly ration than in the British, and the dried egg allocation is also more generous.

The bread ration in Malta is 21 oz. a head a day for a man, 14 oz. a head a day for a woman and 10½oz. a head a day for a child under seven. The flour ration in 7 oz. a head a week, the paste ration is 14 oz. a head a week. Frozen meat is rationed at 14 oz. a head a week, fresh meat unrationed. Dried egg is rationed at 7.oz. a head a week in Malta as compared with 5 oz. for adults, 10 oz. for children every eight weeks in England. Semolina (children only) and coffee are rationed in Malta, but not England; tea, biscuits, sardines, dried peas, beans and fruit in England but not Malta. With regard to milk, I would refer to my answers to questions on 14th November and 24th October by the hon. Members for Drake (Mr. Medland) and Hythe (Lieut.-Colonel Mackeson) respectively.

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