HC Deb 21 November 1945 vol 416 cc430-1
.50. Mr. Stokes

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster what reports he has received from the Allied Commission as to the rate of expulsion from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary; and whether he is now satisfied that these expulsions have stopped, in conformity to the terms of the Potsdam Conference.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (Mr. H. Hynd)

About four-filths of the emigrants crossing into the British zone of Germany from the East are people who were evacuated during the war and are now returning to their homes in the West. The remaining fifth consists of people who, though formerly domiciled in the East now want to go to western parts of Germany. Of these, again a small fraction comes from the countries named in the Question, and, so far as the British element of the Control Commission are aware, none of those now crossing into the British zone have been expelled from their countries of origin.

Mr. Stokes

Really, that is not an answer to my Question. Has the attention of my hon. Friend been drawn to the statements this morning from the Allied Control, and is he satisfied that the Allied Control themselves are satisfied that, having regard to the circumstances of the winter and the number of people milling about with houses to go to, the proposed evacuation expulsions now announced will be carried out humanely?

Mr. Hynd

The Question asked what reports have been received from the Allied Commission. I have given the reports received up to the last minute today. I have also indicated that, while there are people moving into our zone, four-fifths of these are returning evacuees.

Mr. Stokes

Are we to understand that information has apparently been given out to the Press by the Allied Commission, but not to His Majesty's Government?

Mr. Hynd

I have not seen the information in the Press. I have given the information received from our authorities this morning.

Mr. Gallacher

Is the hon. Gentleman aware that the hon. Member for Ipswich (Mr. Stokes) is not concerned so much about displaced persons as about displaced landowners?

Major Lloyd

Is the hon. Gentleman satisfied that the Potsdam Agreement in regard to this issue has been broken or not?

Mr. Hynd

If the hon. and gallant Gentleman will read the answer, he will find that point was answered. If I may give the answer again in clearer terms, so far as our information goes the terms of the Potsdam decision are being followed.

Mr. S. Silverman

Can my hon. Friend give us any help in determining the source of this continual flow of highly mischievous rumours, which on inquiry turn out to be untrue?

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