HC Deb 31 May 1945 vol 411 cc371-3
Mr. Attlee

May I ask the Leader of the House whether he will state the Business for next week?

Mr. Eden

The Business for next week will be as follows:

Monday, 4th June—2nd Reading of the Finance (No. 2) Bill. Concluding stages of the Income Tax Bill, the Distribution of Industry Bill, the Education (Scotland) Bill, and the Liabilities (War-Time Adjustment) (Scotland) Bill [H.L.] We hope that it will be agreeable to conclude the Scottish Education Bill on this day.

Tuesday, 5th June—Committee stage of the Finance (No. 2) Bill. Committee and remaining stages of the Government of Burma Bill.2nd Reading of the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Bill. Committee and remaining stages of the Local Government (Boundary Commission) Bill.

Wednesday, 6th June—We shall ask the House to agree to a Motion to obtain the outstanding Supply Votes in a reduced number of allotted days. It is proposed to allot a further three days for the completion of the Business of Supply. 3rd Reading of the Finance (No. 2) Bill. Committee and remaining stages of the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Bill. Committee stage of a Supplementary Estimate relating to Civil Aviation.

Thursday, 7th June—Supply (6th Allotted Day); Committee. A Debate will take place on Housing.

Friday, 8th June—Committee stage of a Supplementary Vote of Credit for War Expenditure and of the Supplementary Estimate for Civil Aviation if that has not been previously obtained.

The House will understand that the Bills which we propose to take this week have yet to be considered in another place, and if they are to pass, it is desirable that they should leave this House as early as possible. The statement I have made includes Bills which the Government consider to be essential and others which, I think, the House as a whole thinks it is desirable to pass, and in regard to which there is a general measure of agreement. The House will realise that the Business can only be obtained by the co-operation of hon. Members in all quarters of the House, and any Business which it is not possible to complete on the days mentioned, will be taken on succeeding days.

Mr. Attlee

I would like to give notice that on Friday on the Supplementary Vote of Credit, we shall propose to raise the conditions and welfare of Servicemen overseas. I would now like to ask the Leader of the House whether a statement is to be made with regard to the polling day question.

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir, my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister is just about to make it.

Mr. Attlee

May I also ask whether there is any progress to be reported with regard to the Family Allowances Bill?

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir. Discussions, as I think my right hon. Friend knows, are still proceeding on that matter and I have nothing definite to say, but I hope to have something definite very soon.

Mr. Dalton

I hope that the Leader of the House will be prepared—I am sure he will be—to suspend the Rule on Monday with a view to getting certain Measures.

Mr. Eden

The right hon. Gentleman is quite right; that was in our minds.

Mr. A. Bevan

May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he thinks he is going to get the other Business on Wednesday, as well as the Motion on Supply days? Is it not clear that the Motion on Supply days will lead to a very general Debate, which will review the whole of the reasons why this extraordinary Motion is to be moved at all? Is it not possible to bring the Family Allowances Bill immediately before the House, because there is general agreement in all parts of the House concerning this Bill, if the Treasury will drop their resistance to the universal desire of the House to have Clauses 13 and 14 amended in accordance with our wishes?

Mr. Eden

While I have every respect for the hon. Member's interpretation of "general agreement," I know he will accept it when I say that his view is not necessarily and always the universal view, though always a very important one. The two Clauses concerned, 13 and 14, are still under discussion, and I have hopes that some arrangement may be arrived at, but I would not want to debate that now. As regards the point about Wednesday's Business, I can only tell him that hope springs eternal in the breast of the Leader of the House, but what will happen when the Resolution is brought forward I cannot tell. One of the reasons why we have allotted four Supply days is that I felt it was the wish of the House that we should get through all the legislation we could upon which there was a wide measure of agreement before the House rose.

Mr. Bevan

Is not the right hon. Gentleman confusing hope with credulity in this case?

Mr. Eden

We shall be able to tell that on Wednesday.