HC Deb 28 March 1945 vol 409 cc1370-3
Mr. Arthur Greenwood

May I ask the Leader of the House if he will state the Business for the week after the Easter Recess?

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir, as at present arranged the Business for the first week after the Recess will be as follows:

On Tuesday, l0th April, it is proposed to move Mr. Speaker out of the Chair on going into Committee of Supply on the Civil Estimates and Estimates for Revenue Departments. The hon. Member for Bow and Bromley (Mr. Key) is calling attention to the Repair of Bomb Damaged Houses.

Wednesday, 11 th April—Committee stage of the Requisitioned Land and War Works Bill. Second Reading of the Ministry of Civil Aviation Bill and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution. We propose to report Progress on the first Bill at such a time as will ensure our obtaining the Second Reading of the Ministry of Civil Aviation Bill, which we consider to be urgent and of a machinery character.

Thursday, 12th April—Committee stage of the Requisitioned Land and War Works Bill.

Friday, 13th April—Committee and remaining stages of the Ministry of Civil Aviation Bill, Welsh Church (Burial Grounds) Bill, Army and Air Force (Annual) Bill, and, if there is time, Second Reading of the Agriculture (Artificial Insemination) Bill.

Mr. Greenwood

Can my right hon. Friend give any indication to the House, for their convenience, as to when the National Health Services Bill and the Industrial Injury Insurance Bill are likely to be introduced? I put that question because there are statements in the Press to-day about the national health services which seem very much controversial in their nature, and which appear out of tune with the statements made by the Minister of Health.

Mr. Eden

They are certainly not in our immediate future programme, but if my right hon. Friend will be good enough to repeat his question at a later date I will then give him a considered reply.

Sir Percy Harris

Can my right hon. Friend say whether it is anticipated that it will be necessary for a statement to be made after the Easter Recess on the progress of the war, especially in the light of the recent satisfactory progress?

Mr. Eden

I put in usual proviso, which I thought my right hon. Friend had noticed, that this Business is always subject to revision.

Mr. McNeil

Reverting to the question raised by my right hon. Friend the Member for Wakefield (Mr. Greenwood), does not the right hon. Gentleman consider that apart from whether or not we can have the National Health Services Bill at an early date, we should have an early opportunity of discussing the negotiating stage which we have apparently reached, and which, I think, will alarm and depress a large part of the country?

Mr. Eden

I will consider that. I did not know that the matter would be raised, but I will see if something can be done about it.

Mr. Bowles

I would like to ask the right hon. Gentleman if it is assumed from the Debate we had the other day that the House of Commons accepted the White Paper purely and simply because it came up on the Estimates? Secondly, what is the great hurry to pass the Ministry of Civil Aviation Bill?

Mr. Eden

The answer to the hon. Member's first question is, "Yes, Sir," and the answer to the second is that it is in order to allow the new Parliamentary Secretary to do his job.

Mr. Graham White

Is it still the intention of the Government to allow time for a discussion on the Dumbarton Oaks proposals?

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir, I think it might come on early in the following week.

Mr. A. Bevan

Does the right hon. Gentleman realise that the Ministry of Civil Aviation Bill is likely to be highly controversial, and that the Government are not likely to get it in the time stated; and why should the House now be hurried into passing legislation when the Government have had all this time to prepare it?

Mr. Eden

The hon. Gentleman has not seen the Bill, of course. I am informed that it can be regarded as a machinery Bill, and I hope that when the hon. Gentleman does see it he will take a more optimistic view about its future.

Mr. Gallacher

In view of the very strong desire to have a crack at the Scottish Education Bill before this Parliament finishes—and time is running very short—will not the right hon. Gentleman give an approximate date for the Second Reading of the Scottish Education Bill?

Mr. Eden

I thought we were getting along very well, stage by stage. There will be an opportunity, but I cannot say when.

Mr. Messer

If the Government's proposals vary very greatly from the last White Paper on public health, will the Government publish a new White Paper?

Mr. Eden

I would like that question to be addressed to the Minister of Health.

Mr. Buchanan

On the Adjournment to-morrow Scottish Members are raising a question affecting Prestwick. Can the right hon. Gentleman see his way to have a Cabinet Minister present to reply on this matter, which we think very important?

Mr. Eden

I would like to consider that. I assume that the hon. Member does not mean a member of the War Cabinet, but a Minister of Cabinet rank.

Miss Rathbone

Can the right hon. Gentleman give any idea when the Committee stage of the Family Allowances Bill will be taken, as there seem to be so many subjects which are pushing claims to come before it? Will it be soon after Easter, and how soon?

Mr. Eden

That is the difficulty. There are so many claims on time. It will be soon after Easter.

Mr. Bowles

When is it proposed to publish the Ministry of Civil Aviation Bill?

Mr. Eden

I understand it will be published to-morrow.