HC Deb 27 March 1945 vol 409 cc1303-4
36. Major-General Sir Alfred Knox

asked the Secretary of State for War which prisoner-of-war camps have been moved by the Germans owing to the Russian advance; and if he can make known the address of the new camps to which British prisoners have been moved.

Sir J. Griģģ

I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT such information as we have about the movement of camps in Germany. Information about the whereabouts of individual prisoners can only be obtained from the German authorities, and, owing to the present situation, it is likely that there will be great delays. In sending letters to prisoners of war I should like to emphasise the importance of addresing them to the old camp addresses. There are bound to be delays, but there is otherwise little chance of the letters reaching the prisoners at all.

Following is the list:

List of prisoner of War Camps in Germany, known to have been transferred by the German Authorities as a result of recent developments on the Eastern Front.

Camp and Last known location.

Stalag II A.—Majority of prisoners of war despatched by train to Stalag 357 Falling-hostel in the Province of Hanover.

Stalag II B.—Marching through the Province of Hanover on 10th March.

Stalag II D.—Marching through the Province of Hanover on 10th March.

Stalag Luft IV.—Distributed between:

Stalag Luft I Barth on the Baltic.

Stalag X B Sandbostel south of Bremen.

Stalag XI B Fallingbostel.

Stalag 357 Fallingbostel.

Stalag XIII D Nuremburg.

Stalag III B.—At Stalag III A Luckenwalde south of Berlin.

Stalag III C.—Near Werneuchen north-east of Berlin on 10th March.

Stalag Luft III.—Distributed between:

Marlag and Milag, Bremen.

Stalag III A Luckenwalde.

Stalag VII A Moosburg in Bavaria.

Stalag XIII C Hammelburg, Northern Bavaria.

Stalag Luft VII.—At Stalag III A Luckenwalde.

Stalag VIII A.—Sick entrained for Stalag XI B. Remainder marching east of Jena on 9th March.

Stalag VIII B.—On the march near Rakonitz in Southern Bohemia 7th March. Some sick by train to Stalag XIII B Weiden.

Stalag 344 and dependent work detachments.—Distributed between:

Stalag XI B Fallingbostel.

Stalag XIII C Hammelburg.

Stalag VII A Moosburg.

Stalag IX B Wegscheide Badorb in Thuringia.

Stalag VIII C.—On the march west of Soemmercla in Thuringia 9th March.

Stalag XX A.—On the march south-west of Danzig 10th March.

Stalag XX B.—On the march south-west of Danzig 10th March.

Oflag 64.—Transferred to Oflag XIII B, Hammelburg.

Work detachments situated to the east of Stalag IV A.—Evacuated westwards on r3th March.