HC Deb 21 March 1945 vol 409 cc949-50

Considered in Committee under Standing Order No. 69.

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

Resolved: That for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for the development of certain areas, and for controlling the provision of industrial premises with a view to securing the proper distribution of industry, it is expedient to authorise:— A. The payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of expenses, payable under the said Act out of such moneys, of any Government department incurred under the said Act—

  1. (1) in acquiring land in development areas (as defined by the said Act) for, cr for sites for or means of access to, premises for industrial undertakings and persons employed therein, and in carrying out in development areas work for the purpose of providing such premises, sites or means of access or of rendering land suitable for their provision;
  2. (2) in giving financial assistance for furthering the provision by any body of persons not trading for private profit of industrial premises in development areas and for meeting the needs of development areas in respect of any service for which a Minister of the Crown is responsible, and in giving 950 financial assistance to industrial undertakings in development areas which could not otherwise obtain necessary capital;
  3. (3) in acquiring, or carrying out work on, derelict land in development areas, and in giving financial assistance to any such body of persons as aforesaid towards the cost of carrying out work on such land;
  4. (4) in the repayment of expenditure incurred in or in connection with the erection or extension of buildings which is prevented under the said Act of the present Session,
and the payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of such sums as may be required to be paid into any fund under the control of a 'Government department for the purpose of meeting any expenses of that department incurred as aforesaid which under the said Act are payable out of that fund. B. The payment into the Exchequer of any receipts of a Government department under the said Act of the present Session, of any balance in the Special Areas Fund at the winding up thereof under the provisions of that Act, and of any sums which apart from those provisions woud be payable into that Fund."—(King's Recommendation signified).—[Mr. Dalton.]

Resolution to be reported To-morrow.