HC Deb 14 June 1945 vol 411 cc1774-5
58. Captain Duncan

asked the Minister of Pensions whether any adjustments in the rates of war pensions will be made in the light of the Government's intentions in the matter of industrial insurance.

Sir W. Womersley

Yes, Sir. As from the first pay day in September, I am proposing to make certain improvements, of which the following is the most important. A man in receipt of unemployable supplement who, in addition to his normal pension, is drawing less than 20s. a week by way of that supplement, health insurance benefit or old age pension, will have the total payments under those heads brought up to this amount. The rate of wife's allowance payable to a pensioner during periods of approved treatment, or when in receipt of unemployable supplement, will, where she is wholly dependent upon her husband, be increased to 16s. a week. Where she is not wholly dependent, the increase will be on a sliding scale. Where no allowance is payable for a wife, an allowance of 16s. will be payable for a wholly dependent adult relative residing with the pensioner, or an adult female person who has the care of his children. The allowance will be on a sliding scale in cases of partial dependence. The improvements generally may require review as and when a new comprehensive scheme of social insurance becomes operative.

Captain Duncan

Will my right hon. Friend publish a White Paper, giving the full details?

Sir W. Womersley

I cannot promise to do that before this Parliament dissolves.

Mr. Pritt

Put it in an election address.

Mr. Driberg

Will these improvements apply to ex-Service pensioners of the last war; and will the total disability pension remain at £2?

Sir W. Womersley

All improvements made apply to pensioners of both wars. This brings the £2 in the case of a man declared unemployable up to £3.