HC Deb 14 June 1945 vol 411 cc1781-2
Mr. R. J. Taylor (by Private Notice)

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he is aware of the notice W.3765 issued through the National Savings Committee withdrawing leaflet W.F.L.146, "Your Savings are Safe," and whether he can state the reason for such withdrawal?

Sir J. Anderson

I have made inquiry. No copies of the leaflet already issued have been withdrawn, but I understand that the National Savings Committee decided to suspend further issues for the present. The Savings Movement is a strictly non-political movement, which, indeed, has, I am glad to say, the support of all parties. It was thought, therefore, that at the present time it was wiser that the Committee should not continue the issue of any literature which might be thought, however unjustifiably, to have a party flavour.

Mr. Taylor

Will the Chancellor of the Exchequer inform us how, in any way, "Your Savings are Safe" has any bearing on political flavour?

Sir J. Anderson

I am perfectly well aware that all political parties in this country have proclaimed their desire to protect the savings of the people. There can be no room for controversy about that, but the leaflet in question is an undated document that contains references that might, in present circumstances, be misunderstood, and I am bound to say that I think the National Savings Committee were quite right in trying to be on the safe side in this matter.

Mr. Glenvil Hall

Do I understand from the first part of the Chancellor's statement, that he did not listen to the Prime Minister's broadcast on Wednesday week?

Sir J. Anderson

I do not quite see the relevance of that question.

Mr. Hall

I thought the Chancellor committed himself to the assertion that all parties were now interested in savings, and we understood from the Prime Minister that only one party was?

Sir J. Anderson

I said that all parties at least proclaimed their desire to protect the savings of the people.