HC Deb 25 January 1945 vol 407 cc974-5
72. Captain Alan Graham

asked the Minister of Pensions whether the widows of officers of the Great War will be granted any increase in their pensions.

Sir W. Womersley

Yes, Sir. I have considered the case of the Great War officer's widow in the light of the improvements in present war pensions. Actually no exact comparison between officers' widows' pensions for the two wars is possible, mainly because for the Great War there were two scales according to the circumstances of the case. I have now obtained authority to adjust these scales at various points in order to maintain a balance with present war rates, and I am circulating a statement of the resultant increases in the OFFICIAL REPORT. At the same time I have further considered the disablement rate for the Great War army captain (and equivalent ranks in other services) and I am glad to be able to say that in future this will be the same as for the present war captain, that is, £240 per annum for 100 per cent. disablement—an increase of £30. Disabled Great War warrant officers (Royal Navy) and nurses will also receive increases. These improvements will have automatic

Increased Pension Rates.
A. Widows of the Great War (1914–1918).
Rank of deceased officer. Highest rate. Intermediate rate.
Navy. Army. Air Force. Over 40. Under 40. Over 40. Under 40.
£Per annum. £ per annum.
Sub-Lieut. Subaltern Flying or Pilot Officer 150 (140) 130 (120) 130 (120) 110 (90)
Lieutenant Captain Flight Lieut. 165 (140) 150 (120) 150 (120) 120 (90)
Lieut.-Cmdr. Major Squadron Leader 180 (no change) 170 (168) 170 (168) 130 (126)
Over 40. Under 40.
Warrant Officer (R.N.) 110 (90) 90 (75)
Commissioned Officer from Warrant Rank, (R.N.) 130 (105) 110 (90)
B. Disabled Officers of the Great War (1914–1918).
Rank of disabled officer. Rate of pension for total disablement. Rate of disability addition where service retired pay is in issue.
£ per annum. £ per annum.
Captain (Army) 240 (210) 150 (no change)
Lieutenant (Navy)
Flight Lieutenant (Air Force)
Warrant Officer (R.N.) 180 (150) 150 (90)
Commissioned Officer from Warrant Rank (R.N.) 210 (180) 150 (120)
C. Disabled Nurses of the Great War (1914–1918).
Staff Nurse, or corresponding rank 175 (150) 125 (90)
Matron 205 (180) 125 (90)
Principal Matron-in-Chief 235 (210) 125 (90)
NOTES: (1) The "highest" rate is payable where the officer is killed in action or dies from wounds or exposure directly due to service; the "intermediate" rate applies in other cases.
(2) The "over 40" rate is also payable where the widow has children.
(3) The previous rates are shown in brackets.