HC Deb 07 February 1945 vol 407 cc2051-2
9. Mr. Hugh Lawson

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will publish as a White Paper all the documents relative to events in Greece during the period November, 1944, to January, 1945.

Mr. Law

His Majesty's Government have given this question careful consideration but do not feel that the present would be an opportune moment for publishing all the documents in their possession regarding this period.

Mr. Lawson

May I ask two questions? The first is whether it is not essential, in order to have a true picture of the situation, that the documents dating from November, 1944, to January, 1945, should be published. The second is whether the right hon. Gentleman will include statements made by British troops who were taken prisoner by the regular E.A.M. forces and who reported favourably on their treatment and not confine it to statements made by those who were taken by the irregulars.

Mr. Law

I have no doubt that, in due course, all the facts of this tragic business will come out. In the meantime, I am quite sure that it would be extremely inadvisable at the present time, from the point of view of securing a settlement between the contending factions in Greece, to add fuel to the flame by publishing a lot of statements which have been made in confidence, and which people never expected to be published.

Sir Richard Acland

Would the right hon. Gentleman ask Mr. Leeper to supply further particulars of his first statement in the White Paper, about chaos and disorder in November, as it conflicts with all the statements made by Athens radio, and with the result of the investigations made by the then representatives of the Government?

Mr. Law

I do not think that, at this time, any advantage would be served by raking over those embers. Our whole interest in this matter is to get a settlement in Greece. We seem to be on the way to a settlement. I have nothing to add to what I have said.

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