HC Deb 01 February 1945 vol 407 cc1632-4
Mr. Arthur Greenwood

May I ask the Deputy Prime Minister to state the Business for next week?

Mr. Attlee

The Business for next week will be as follows:

Tuesday—Further consideration of the Wages Councils Bill; Committee and remaining stages of the Teachers (Superannuation) Bill; and Committee stage of the Licensing Planning (Temporary Provisions) Bill.

Wednesday—Second Reading of the Colonial Development and Welfare Bill, and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution.

Thursday—Committee and, if agreeable to the House, the remaining stages of the Export Guarantees Bill and the Local Authorities Loans Bill; Second Reading of the Police (His Majesty's Inspectors of Constabulary) Bill; and, if there is time, further progress will be made with the Road Transport Lighting (Cycles) Bill [Lords].

Friday—Second Reading of the Compensation of Displaced Officers (War Service) Bill, and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution; Second Reading of the Nurses Bill [Lords] and of the Limitation (Enemies and War Prisoners) Bill [Lords], which are expected to be received from another place to-day; Report stage of outstanding Supplementary Estimates.

Mr. Greenwood

Is my right hon. Friend aware that the Police (His Majesty's Inspectors of Constabulary) Bill is not in the hands of Members or in the Vote Office yet? Will he expedite it, as no one knows what is in the Bill?

Mr. Attlee

It was hoped to have presented it to-day. It will be presented to-morrow.

Mr. Edgar Granville

When are we likely to get a Second Reading of the Water Bill, which was recently introduced in this House?

Mr. Attlee

I am afraid there is not a date I can give the hon. Member.

Mr. McNeil

Is my right hon. Friend in a position to indicate when we may expect the Scottish Education Bill?

Mr. Attlee

I think very shortly, but I cannot give an exact date.

Mr. Pickthorn

Can the right hon. Gentleman tell us about the opportunity, which I think was half promised, for a discussion of the new Burnham scales; and can we be sure that such a discussion will be in time to influence the Minister, before he makes his final decision?

Mr. Attlee

We will endeavour to make arrangements for an opportunity, but as the hon. Member is aware these scales have not necessarily to come before the House. There is no particular machinery for that, but we will try to find an opportunity, in order that the House may have a discussion before the Minister reaches his final decision.

Mr. A. Bevan

It was stated the other day that an opportunity would be given to the House to have a full Debate on the very important pronouncement made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer concerning the establishment of corporations to finance capital works after the war. Could my right hon. Friend give early consideration to a Debate on that subject?

Mr. Attlee

It has been noted and will be kept in mind.

Mr. Bevan

In view of the very great demands now being made upon the time of the House, and the large number of very important subjects there are to be discussed—which apparently we are not able to discuss—will by right hon. Friend give consideration to sitting on Mondays?

Mr. Attlee

We hope to arrange a time.

Mr. Graham White

Is it still the intention of the Government to proceed with the Requisitioned Land and War Works Bill?

Mr. Attlee

Yes, Sir.

Mr. Gallacher

In view of the decision of the Amalgamated Engineering Union to call a national conference on redundancy, will the right hon. Gentleman not consider giving the House an opportunity to discuss that very important matter?

Mr. Attlee

My hon. Friend will find that there will be an opportunity for that.

Sir W. Smithers

Can my right hon. Friend say, approximately, when we are to get the National Insurance Bill before the House?

Mr. Attlee

No, Sir. I am dealing with next week's Business.