HC Deb 20 December 1945 vol 417 c1531
60. Viscount Hinchingbrooke

asked the Minister of Labour what labour controls now apply to men under 30 years of age demobilised in Class A.

Mr. Isaacs

During their period of paid leave men of any age demobilised in Class A are free from all controls. At the end of that period they are subject to the same controls as apply to other civilian workers except that in no circumstances would they be withdrawn from any employment which they found during their period of freedom. The controls applying generally to men under 30 are as follows. If they are employed in an undertaking scheduled under an Essential Work Order they cannot leave or be discharged except with the permission of a National Service Officer. They must take a new job through a local office of the Ministry of Labour. Men in these age classes are still liable to direction to an individual job, but these powers are only used in the last resort for a limited range of work of high priority and in any case no Class A ex-Service man would ever be directed away from home.